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Camps are the cornerstone of the AGP Skills academy. We aim to host a camp at every significant school holiday.

Individuals are private 1 to 1 sessions. They eliminate distractions and provide the attention to detail necessary to help break through the next level of player development. Individuals are usually 60 minutes long with 10 minutes at the start for warmup and 10 minutes after for cool down.

Group sessions consist of 2-4 players. Group sessions like individuals focus on player development. With more players, game scenarios are introduced such as the 2 man game and motion.


The AGP Skills academy is the coaching branch of the AGP Sports umbrella. At the AGP Skills Academy we nurture young hoopers and create future leaders. We prepare our students for any level of basketball and fitness they may want to achieve while opening their eyes to opportunities that stem from their grind. At the Skills Academy we believe the fundamentals of basketball are hard work, discipline, coachability and skill development. We believe that these characteristics are essential for growth and development, not just in basketball, but any sport or industry. AGP Skills Academy believes that basketball is a microcosm of life. Through our work and focus on developing the work ethic, discipline, ability to listen and skill level of our students, we are preparing them to be leaders on and off the court. What is most important to us is allowing young athletics to train and learn amongst likeminded peers in an attempt to give themselves the best opportunity to pursue their athletic dreams. At AGP Sports we understand that the percentage of athletes that turn pro is small however the opportunities to earn a scholarship, travel and network also springboard into a career after sports, crafted by the grind and molded by the journey.






Our Work With Schools


AGP Sports is an organisation set up by Ashley Hamilton (CEO), a basketball player in his 8th professional year and who currently represents GB. Through sport, our CEO and all of our employees have had a vast amount of opportunities, including scholarships for education, employment and travel and it is our aim to provide these opportunities and more to young people in the UK; teaching

communication, dedication, leadership and many more skills that are essential to being successful.


Our fully qualified and CRB checked experienced coach comes to your school to coach basketball in P.E. lessons each week within term-time  - all ages within the school should be targeted.


We also offer an after school club one evening per week for those students that would like to participate in further activities.


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